Feather Hen

I am an East coast, Southern girl, a proud retired military spouse and a mom, who's life is constantly changing!  We have 4 kiddos, three boys and a sweet little girl that rounds out our family.
Feather Hen's name came from a nick name my grandfather gave me as a child. It is a play on my first and middle names. So, it is close to my heart and reminds me of what is most important in life, family.

Feather Hen began when my husband was serving our country and has made for a very portable job!  Which is great for any military spouse. My husband is now retired and we are on to our next adventure. 

I  have always loved home decor, way back from the time I had my very first doll house. I rearranged the furniture constantly and wallpapered it with sample papers from the local wall paper shop. I put flooring in my doll house from scraps my dad had left over from building homes! So, I know it's important to have things looking just right!
I strive to provide a quality product for a reasonable price. I love wonderful feeling fabrics, that make me want to curl up in them, I also love using unexpected items to make something new, different, or to make an existing idea or
item work better, no matter the materials used.
I hope you can find something you like at Feather Hen to help make your place just so, just the way you love it!

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